How to integrate with Pusher?

You can integrate with Pusher using Zapier or Pipedream workflow automation platforms.

Top Pusher integrations

The most popular Pusher integrations are Twilio, Airtable, Intercom, Discord and Webhooks. Below you can explore a list of popular 24 tools that integrate with Pusher.

Automation platforms that support Pusher

Pusher is supported by 2 workflow automation platforms. Automation platforms allow you to integrate Pusher with many other SaaS applications without developing connectors and dealing with APIs.

Use Zapier no-code automation platform to visually design and build your Pusher workflows.

Pusher is supported by a low-code automation platform - Pipedream. Low-code systems are less restrictive, but have a slightly steeper learning curve and may require you to understand the code.

Below we have listed 2 automation platforms that support Pusher.

Supported Pusher Triggers and Actions

We have collected all Pusher triggers and actions that you can use to build your workflow.

Below you can find 2 actions from 2 integration services.

    • Pusher

      Send an event to a channel

      Send an event to a channel

    • Pusher

      Publish pusher event

      Publish a new Pusher event.Within Pusher this is often referred to as "triggering an event" where you trigger an event on a channel. But this terminology is not being used to here as to avoid confusion with Zapier's use of the term "trigger".


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