About Stackreaction

Business automation should be as easy as playing with Legos

Stackreaction is the ultimate integrations and workflow automations hub which helps to build and automate your business.

Who We Are

Our team is a globally-distributed group of individuals who share a common belief that mundane work should be automated and delegated to robots, allowing people to focus on more creative and engaging activities.

We strive to bring this vision to life by developing an ultimate automation workflows hub to show business how to streamline their operations and free up valuable human resources for more fulfilling work.

Alex Tro, Founder of Stackreaction

As humans, we should strive to innovate and improve. Let's delegate boring tasks to robots.

Alex Tro
Founder of Stackreaction

Working with data and producing compelling content

Our team excels at organizing and refining information, while also developing new content to assist people in building and automating their business processes.


SaaS tools we analyse

We help to choose the right app for your use case, considering factors such as features, automation price, and more.


Integration options

We collect and manually check application integration building blocks from dozens of workflow automation platforms to have the largest and most accurate database of integration options.

1 billion


This huge number shows the limitless possibilities of automating your business. Stackreaction helps you to navigate through this diversity.

Trusted and reliable automation providers

We use growing number of workflow automation platforms as our sources for integration capabilities

Power Automate

Contact us

We are open to business opportunities. As an innovative organization with a lean approach, we are also committed to user feedback. Feel free to drop us a message.