Simple Scraper

Simple Scraper

Extract Data from Any Website in Seconds

Simple Scraper Pricing, Features, Integrations and Alternatives

Simple Scraper Overview

What is Simple Scraper?

Simple Scraper is a versatile and user-friendly service that enables efficient web scraping, translating website content into structured data. The smart Chrome extension simplifies the content selection process, allowing data to be immediately accessed as an API endpoint, CSV or JSON format. No coding required.

Simple Scraper is a tool in the Web scraping and No Code Platforms categories.

Simple Scraper Alternatives

What are Simple Scraper alternatives?

Octoparse, Apify, ParseHub and Coda are the most popular alternatives to Simple Scraper. No Code Platforms, Web scraping, Data Extraction and Documents are the most popular app categories among Simple Scraper's alternatives.

We have compiled a list of 17 Simple Scraper competitors so that you can choose the right tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Simple Scraper's top competitors?

Octoparse, Apify, and ParseHub are the most popular alternatives to Simple Scraper.

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