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Humanloop Pricing, Features, Integrations and Alternatives

Humanloop Overview

What is Humanloop?

Humanloop is a machine learning platform that automates text processing using AI with human involvement. It is a low-code platform that speeds up data annotation and deployment for custom NLP models.

Humanloop is a tool in the Marketing Automation, Developer Tools and Artificial Intelligence categories.

Humanloop Alternatives

What are Humanloop alternatives?

MonkeyLearn and Rasa NLU are the most popular alternatives to Humanloop. Spreadsheets and Conversational AI Platform are the most popular app categories among Humanloop's alternatives.

We have compiled a list of 2 Humanloop competitors so that you can choose the right tool.

Humanloop integrations

Which tools can be integrated with Humanloop?

Typeform and Trello are the most popular tools that Humanloop integrates with.

Most often, Humanloop is integrated with tools from Form Builders, Task Management, and categories.

Zapier and Pipedream are the most popular workflow automation services with built-in connectors between Humanloop and other tools.

Explore a list of tools that integrate with Humanloop.

Humanloop Triggers and Actions

    • Humanloop

      Get prediction

      Get a prediction from the Humanloop machine learning model without storing the datapoint

    • Humanloop

      Create task

      Creates a Task for one of the annotators on your Humanloop project to do. Will also return the machine learning prediction immediately.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Humanloop's top competitors?

    MonkeyLearn and Rasa NLU (Open Source) are Humanloop alternatives.

    What apps integrate with Humanloop

    Typeform and Trello are the most popular tools that Humanloop integrates with.

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