How to integrate with Basin?

You can integrate with Basin using 6 automation platforms such as, Zapier, SyncSpider, Pabbly Connect or Integrately.

Top Basin integrations

The most popular Basin integrations are Airtable, Webhooks, Gmail, Intercom and AWeber. Below you can explore a list of popular 15 tools that integrate with Basin.

Automation platforms that support Basin

Basin is supported by 6 workflow automation platforms. Automation platforms allow you to integrate Basin with many other SaaS applications without developing connectors and dealing with APIs.

Use, Zapier, SyncSpider or 2 other no-code automation platforms to visually design and build your Basin workflows.

Basin is supported by a low-code automation platform - Pipedream. Low-code systems are less restrictive, but have a slightly steeper learning curve and may require you to understand the code.

Below we have listed 6 automation platforms that support Basin.

Supported Basin Triggers and Actions

We have collected all Basin triggers and actions that you can use to build your workflow.

Below you can find 4 triggers and 1 action from 6 integration services.

  • Basin

    New submission

    Triggers when your form receives a submission.

  • Basin

    Watch new submissions

    Triggers when a new submission is received. Only submissions that are not flagged as spam will trigger a webhook.

  • Basin

    New form is submitted

    New form is submitted

  • Basin

    New submission received

    New submission received

  • Basin

    List submissions

    Lists all submissions for a selected form.


Related Categories

Most often, Basin is integrated with tools from CRM, Email Marketing, Spreadsheets and Emails categories.

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